Kalari Yoga

The mother of internal and physical state of living.

During the ancient civilization period, the treatment experts of villages, the kalari masters created the ashttakon kalaris in India. So the kalaripayattu came into existence even before the Vedas and religion. After learning kalaripayattu munisreshttas (sage) gifted yoga to the entire mankind so that it is not restricted to a group of vedic people or any specific religion. It's purpose is to maintain health and mental abilities of mankind.

Yoga masters divided yoga into 12 branches of practices for maintaining human body. It starts with the physical posters and ends with spiritual meditations. These are the following,

The practice of physical posters    - more than 3500
The practice of  Mudras - 32
The practices for the cleansing of mind & body - 18
The Practices of laws of sadhakas  - 84
The practice of laws of nature  - 42
Diet   - 24
Routines while having Disease  - 18
Practices of  serving  Medicines   - 16
Practices to enhance  body chakras   - 72
Laws of practices for a balanced physical body   - 18
Practices to develop internal strength   - 24
Practice of Spiritual meditation - 12

Yoga has been practiced as an invaluable medical exercise of India for centuries. There is an old saying in Malayalam, that is the lifespan of a human being will be multiplied four times, if he/she only had naturally edible leaves, fruits & their juices along with the practice of yoga in between 3:30 am to 5:30 am. This diet is recommended for keeping the proper wellness of kidneys which is directly related to the lifespan of a human body. A wide range of diets included with artificial food stuffs in the present world is the main reason behind almost every diseases. It can leads to chronic diseases. The practice of yoga along with the diet system consisted of naturally edible leaves, fruits & their juices will help us for the best assimilation & it also enhances the expansion of blood vessels & the chances for chronic diseases will be vanished from their preliminary stages. This lifestyle will helps to keep the ever youthfulness of a human being up to his death. There will not be a single chance for obesity, mental stress or any type of chronic diseases, through a right & systematic way of yoga practice. A yoga practitioner must have natural juices or clean water from nature before one hour & after half an hour after yoga practice. These drinks in the above mentioned timings will again enhance the lifespan of a human being. He has to limit the consumption of tubers to a minimum quantity. He has to consume clean fruits without any artificial processing which have been grown in direct sunlight. He must not have any fruits cultivated in chemical farming method which is the same harmful chemicals in the shape of fruits. These poisonous chemicals in the form of fruits will cause diseases in any stages of life. A yogi is supposed to avoid modern medicine (Allopathy treatment) maximum in the case of any accident which may cause some deviations in his routines. He has to select a treatment system which is mostly related to nature because almost all allopathic medicines are made of artificial poisonous chemicals which will become very harmful to the body parts related to the ways through which they enter the body & to the excretory organs. All these chemicals are disintegrated in kidneys & which will directly affects kidneys. This will slowly stops his yogic Practices & daily routines & slowly he will falls down to death. It has to be pointed that Yoga practice builds up amazing abilities for a man & woman for sexual contact & to attain the complete satisfaction. It will help to complete every sexual actions & sexual ways to reach the peak of sexual satisfaction for a male according to female & for a female according to male. This true sexual relations have to be done only when the perfect blending of mind & body happens & it's purpose has to be for the birth of child. The real prestige & Prudential ability of a person will start demolishing if his/her control over sexual relationships is lost.

Yoga has been considered as a master exercise to eliminate the diseases & for a proper mental balance in the present modern situations for completing a lifespan. This system has been emerged from the eighteenth segment of kalaripayattu (the traditional martial art of kerala, the heritage of india) called anuthamam in which there is very slow physical movements & postures. All these are practised in the upasana kalari which is the eight-th section of astakon kalari. The chief master of kalari had been transferred this precious knowledge of practice to the students who occupy on round wooden tables in upasana kalari, later these practices transformed to the present form of yoga. Those who practised in upasana kalaries later became Munisreshttas (Sages), Rishis (classical scientists) & Yogacharyas. They had developed & flourished it for the welfare of all was the real history of yoga. There is no partiality in the basis of caste, creed, religion, sex etc in yoga Practices & also there is not a single rituals or religious ceremonies in yoga practice. During the practice of yoga one has to remember only "Easwara"( The supreme power).

If each & every human being started practising yoga then they will have the knowledge of anatomy of body & they will become prudent. when everyone came to understand every conditions of body then nobody will try to attack others. So people always have a feeling of peace in their mind. Practice of asanas strarts from vajrasana. Those who lived a long life along with the practice of yoga introduced new asanas. These asanas has been taught by acharya to the common people according to the seasons & climatic conditions. One has to practice yoga according to the instructions from a yoga expert, If not there is a chance of big trouble. More over a yoga practitioner must have a deep faith in supreme power, because everything in this universe is operated according to this power of supreme consciousness. He must be honest & his mind has to be filled with unconditional love towards supreme consciousness which is the base of the entire universe. This has to be transferred to the mind & every single movement of each & every human being.

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