Traditional Kalari Marma Treatment

Kalarimarma is a wonderful way to get relived from the imbalance happens due to modern life style & to rejuvenate one's body and mind. Here we can find a lot of very special treatment techniques to cure joint pains, nervous disorders, muscles & bones related issues along with the cleansing process of body fluids & skin. It will build up a complete defence mechanism against diseases and helps to improve youthfulness & enhancement of life span.

During the ancient times, Kalari Marma chikitsa (Marma Healing) was known as the backbone of Kalaris . The Masters used to transfer the secrets of Kalari-Marma only after the completion of Kalaripayattu. To acquire the knowledge of kalari-Marma, mental ability and physical strength were to be very high and also a long term continues effort is required, because of these reasons now a days the Masters who practice Kalarimarma are very less. The kalari master has an extreme knowledge about psycho-physiological aspects and practical knowledge of the body's vital spots 'Marma'. This gives him extraordinary control over his body and thus the control of the vital energy. After completely observing a patient the Kalari Masters decide the treatment by checking their nerves, and the medicines differ from patient to patient. Here the treatment works according to the nature of the body. Due to which the person undergoing the treatment gets a healthy condition and thus his lifespan increases. After 12 years of learning Kalari from the Kalari Masters, the students apply the treatment on patients. A person without Kalaripayattu practice is not possible to learn & apply the Kalari marma treatment, if not he can't be a successful treatment expert. The learning of Kalaripayattu won’t be completed without the practice of Kalarimarma chakitsa.

Kalarimarma Treatment is subdivided into 24 main branches & 12 sub branches.

List of 24 main branches:-
1) Kai-uzhichil therapy
2) Dheharaksha kai-uzhichil therapy
3) Marma therapy
4) Kizhi therapy
5) Chavitti-uzhichil therapy
6) Pothichil therapy
7) Lepanaadhi therapy
8) Choornanaadhi therapy
9) Kettu-valy therapy
10) Kashayadhi therapy
11) Rasadhi therapy
12) Ashtanga therapy
13) Navanga therapy
14) Sandhi therapy
15) Moolaka therapy
16) Thattu therapy
17) Vadivu therapy
18) Kettu therapy
19) Oushadha therapy
20) Thallam therapy
21) Dhara therapy
22) Kooluzhichil therapy
23) Water therapy
24) Kayavridhi therapy

List of 12 Sub branches
1) Viyarpikkal therapy
2) Bhageeka-uzhichil therapy
3) Bhageeka-lepana therapy
4) Pottickal therapy
5) Uruttu therapy
6) Kanal therapy
7) Thailam-muruk therapy
8) Kettu-dhara therapy
9) Pizhichil therapy
10) Amazhthi therapy 
11) Thottu therapy
12) Pathya therapy

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