Traditional Kalari Marma Treatment

Kalari Marma chikitsa (Marma Healing) was the backbone of Kalari in the ancient culture of India. The Masters used to transfer the secrets of Kalari-Marma only after the completion of Kalaripayattu. Today our existing Ayurveda treatment was the part of kalari-marma. To acquire the knowledge of kalari-Marma, mental ability and physical strength were to be very high, because of this reason the Masters who practice this are very less now a days. Compared to Kalari-Marma treatment, Ayurveda is very easy for learning and that is why more people choose to study Ayurveda treatment and become doctors. But the fact is, a Kalari-marma master is equal to 100 Ayurveda Doctors. The kalari master has an extreme knowledge about psycho-physiological aspects and practical knowledge of the body's vital spots 'Marma'. This gives him extraordinary control over his body and thus the control of the vital energy. After the complete observation of a patient the Kalari Masters decide the treatment by checking their nerves, and the medicines differ from patient to patient. This is why Kalari-Marma treatment never fails. Where as in the same place Modern medicine wastes a lot of money and time in finding out the cause of a disease and if they lack finding the proper medicine for the patient then there is no doubt that they will have to continue this medicine till the end of their life. Continuous use of these medicines in the human body creates a critical problem and becomes the cause for the death. People are unaware of this problem and continue this treatment and fall in big trouble.

There is no such issues in Kalari marma treatment. Here the treatment works according to the nature of the body. Due to which the person undergoing the treatment gets a healthy condition and thus his lifespan increases. As per the human body science in kalari marma, the treatment works according to the marma point(life points in the body), kai-uzhichil (hands massage), chavutti uzhichil(foot-massage), Kalari uzhichil(kalari massage), medicinal herbs, and the sandhi sthanagal(joints in the body). After 12 years of learning Kalari from the Kalari Masters, the students apply the treatment on patients. When Ayurveda and the modern medicine fail in many cases, the Kalari Marma Masters are the only Saviors, is an astonishing fact about Kalari Marma treatment. A person without Kalaripayattu practice is not possible to learn & apply the Kalari marma treatment, if not he can't be a successful treatment expert. The learning of Kalaripayattu won’t be completed without the practice of Kalarimarma chakitsa.