Kalari Marma Treatment

      Kalari Marma chikitsa (Marma Healing) was known as the backbone of Kalari during the gothra culture of India. The Masters used to transfer the secrets of Kalari-Marma to the students only after the completion of Kalaripayattu. Our existing Ayurveda treatment was emerged from kalari-marma. To acquire the knowledge of kalari-Marma, mental ability and physical strength have to be very high and a lot of aggressive hard work is needed. It is because of that nowadays the people who practice Kalarimarma are very less. The kalari masters used to achieve extreme knowledge about psycho-physiological aspects and practical knowledge of the body's vital spots named 'Marmas'. This provides them extraordinary control over their body and also the ways to control the energy levels and maintenance of marma spots of patients. The Kalari Masters usually prescribe the treatment by checking nerves and various factors. The medicines prescribed may vary from patient to patient as there are a lot of differences in their conditions. That is why chances to fail Kalari-Marma treatment is very less. At the same time, in several modern treatment systems a lot of wealth and time have to be utilized even in diagnosis process and sometimes the treatment procedures continues till the end of patients life. Mostly a lot of chemicals have to be consumed in the form of medicines in these treatment systems and the continuous use of these medicines in the human body may cause severe damages even to internal organs and cause death. People who are unaware of these systems will get easily trapped and may become patients forever.There is no such issue related to Kalari marma treatment.  During the diagnosis procedures of disease itself the master will also identify the reason behind the disease or health issues that the patient facing with and will prescribe treatment procedures along with medications and 'pathya' - specific things or items which must be strictly avoided by patients related to their diet or life style. As a result, the person undergoes this treatment cure completely and regains health. There are also a lot of therapies practiced in Kalarimarma which helps to rejuvenate each and every cells of human body and maintain ever youthfulness. As per the science of kalari marma, the major marma points of human anatomy which are sources of vital energy must be given primary importance while providing treatments, thus its name itself is Kalarimarma Treatment. After completing 12 years training in Kalari under Kalari Masters, the students will apply the treatments on patients. This vast experience also plays an important role in the effectiveness of Kalarimarma treatment. That was why the Kalari marma Masters used to become the Savior, for a lot of people who failed in other treatment systems. It is almost impossible to learn Kalarimarma without practicing Kalaripayattu. A person without Kalaripayattu practice will not be able to apply the principles of Kalari marma treatment holistically. Moreover the lessons of Kalaripayattu will be completed only with the training and practice of Kalarimarma treatment. So both kalaripayattu and kalari marma treatment practice and experience are important as a kalari master.

      Those who practice Kalarimarma treatment must have achieved the following skills, knowledge and experience through the aggressive training of at least 12 years.

      The knowledge of Wellness maintenance massage, Leg massage, Marma points, Air circulation points, Position of Organs, Body fluids, Abhyasa marma, Treatment through massage, Partial body massages, Letter massages, Tie treatment methods, application of pressure in Marma points, Dhara, Thalam, Kizhi, Viyarppikal (sweating), Bottle treatment, Karpooram kathikal, Uzhichil, Awareness of Medicinal plants, preparation of Medicated oil, Choornas, Rasayanam, Bhasmam, Lehyam, Kashayangal, Tablets, Harishtadhikal etc.

      Kalari treatment practitioner should have deep knowledge in treatment of ortho, neuro and muscular diseases such as arthritis, spinal injuries, sports injuries, bone fractures, rheumatism etc.

      Kalari treatment practitioner should have the knowledge about the science of human body anatomy and physiology as per kalari marma treatment. Kalari treatment practitioner should be aware about the patient's diet. Kalari treatment practitioner should be aware about the patient’s mental ability, habits etc. Kalari treatment practitioner should have deep knowledge in the preparation of medicines. Kalari treatment practitioner should have the strength and confidence to apply the treatments at any circumstances on a patient.

Kalarimarma Treatment is sub-divided into 24 main branches & 12 sub branches.

List of 24 main branches:-

2) Dheharaksha kai-uzhichil therapy

4) Kizhi therapy

6) Pothichil therapy

8) Choornanaadhi therapy

10) Kashayadhi therapy

12) Ashtanga therapy

14) Sandhi therapy

16) Thattu therapy

18) Kettu therapy

20) Thallam therapy

22) Kooluzhichil therapy

24) Kayavridhi therapy

List of 12 Sub branches

2) Bhageeka-uzhichil therapy

4) Pottickal therapy

6) Kanal therapy

8) Kettu-dhara therapy

10) Amazhthi therapy

12) Pathya therapy

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