Angathari is the fifth level of kalaripayattu training in which the courage & physical strength of a trainee will be attained it's maximum. A Kalari practitioner will attain extra ordinary courage, the extreme powers of termination, ultimate honesty & extra intelligence from the training of angathari. It consists of Neetukadarapayattu, kathipayattu, kunthappayatu, marapichakunthapayattu, udavaalpayattu, churikapayattu, ghadhapayattu, puliyankam, neettuvaalpayattu, erattavaalpayattu, churuttuvaalpayattu, ambumvillum, venmazhupayattu, vettukkathipayattu etc are the varieties of weapons trainings included. Each of them has around 12 basic combinations & 6 complex combinations of fighting tactics are included. Kalaripayatu stage programs are included with angathari fightings which is highly attractive & mind blowing one.
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