Vanakathari is the first and foremost one in Ashtatharikal. Kalari masters describe it in 4 steps, such as yeka dikku vanakkam(only one side),eratta dikku vanakkam(two sides),chathur dikku vanakkam (four side) and ashtta dikku vanakkam (eight side). These sequences are pre arranged routines used for paying respect to the kalari masters of generation's and to awaken the subtle, the inner body of practices. Each kalari student used to start kalaripayattu practice after doing vanakkam in which special combinations are added for flexibility, for respecting 'easwara' & kalari masters of generations are also included in it. Kalaripayattu students touch the foot of master , kalari poothara & guruthara to take permission to learn kalari. All the powers of mind should be exercised in each of kalari students. As per kalari masters instructions they moved their body in very pleasant manner. This is taken place near poothara. people are not judged by cast, creed, religion, colour, politics and culture in kalari, apart from the discriminations of sex and age they consider only humanity. Vanakkathari is the key to regenerating body and staying young. It also develops the strength of the body to maximum and gains immunity power. Vanakkathari helps to protect the learner from every bit of accidents while learning the kalaripayattu. After learning vanakkathari the students will be awared that all human beings are equal.

Chuvaduthari is the second phase it consist of 18 steps and ashttavadivukal. As per this 18 steps each students make their body flexibility. When completing this second stage chuvaduthari the students get an detailed knowledge about the body flexibility of meythari, kolthari and angathari.


Following are the names of Kalaripayattu chuvadukal, kalaripayattu vadivukal (postures) and shareera (human body) vadivukal.


  • Vattachuvadu
  • Yer chuvadu
  • Aakka chuvadu
  • Karadi chuvadu
  • Chatta chuvadu
  • Simha chuvadu
  • Kuthira chuvadu
  • Naga chuvadu
  • Neekka chuvadu
  • Pakarcha chuvadu
  • Therukka chuvadu
  • Anga chuvadu
  • Thancha chuvadu
  • Pokka chuvadu
  • Panni chuvadu
  • Koti chuvadu
  • Oothira chuvadu
  • Malakka chuvadu

Kalaripayattu flexibility

  • Gaja vadivu
  • Varaha vadivu
  • Simha vadivu
  • Aswa vadivu
  • Kukuda vadivu
  • Mayoora vadivu
  • Marjara vadivu
  • Sarppa vadivu

Body flexibility

  • Sheersha vadivu
  • Vadhana vadivu
  • Kanda vadivu
  • Maru vadivu
  • Puram vadivu
  • Udhara vadivu
  • Omal vadivu
  • Hastha vadivu
  • Sandhi vadivu
  • Ara vadivu
  • Paadha vadivu
  • Sourabhya vadivu
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