Upasanathari is the 8th step in kalaripayattu. In this section kalari masters ask for students to sit in a round wooden platform & develop their internal consciousness. This training is helpful to memorize all that tactics studied before & all that studied can be used systematically & at proper timings in every situations of life. It also helps the student to conserve every cycles of nature & transfer the heritages to the younger generations. It helps the student to complete the actual life span of a person according to nature in healthy manner. After completing the eight segments of kalaripayattu, master conveys the most important & extraordinary 'Pathinettadavukal' to each of the students at the very end of kalaripayattu training. The kalaripayattu student becomes a kalaripayattu master after successful completion of upasanathari . Then after he will start a new kalari where he likes and hand over this precious system of knowledge , practice & experiences to the next generation.
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