Verum kaithari

Verumkai is the sixth phase, through verumkaithari kalari masters give the idea about self defence. Verumkaithari(barehanded fight) verumkai involves predominantly the use of bare hands in fighting. An attack during unarmed moments can be handled by using one’s hands that may be aided by a piece of cloth or a rope. Locks and blows are the main feature of such combat. Attacks directed to various parts of the body especially the nervous system using blows and kicks are therefore practiced to be perfection in verumkai. This is the training for defence without using any weapon against an armed or unarmed person. In Verum Kai, different techniques of locking, gripping, throwing are taught. Verumkai is said to be the advanced stage of Kalari. Master of the martial traditional order will impart this knowledge only to those students who are highly disciplined not only in Kalari but also in their daily life.

The following are the self defence procedures in verumkaithari
  • Kalari kettukal
  • Ozhivukal
  • Ayudha kettukal
  • Thala prayogangal
  • Akramana prathyakramana syilikal
  • Prathirodha murakal
  • Kayattangal
  • Marma prayogangal
  • Thattukal
  • Thadakal
  • Neetukal
  • Mushti proyogam
  • Adi prayogam
  • Vettu prayogangal
  • Kuthu prayogangal
  • Parakka prayogangal
  • Aakka prayogangal
  • Valivukal
  • Churuttu prayogangal
  • Oda prayogangal
  • Chavittu reethikal
  • Chatta varavukalum
  • Puram thiriyal prayogangal
  • Viral prayogangal
  • Drishti reethikal
  • Sthanbana prayogangal
  • Valicherukal
  • Marachil reethikal
  • Malakkangal


 It is all done for only self defencing not to attack any one. In this way of study a students can improve their mental stability and power. It also rejuvenate the brain functions. Kalari masters gives the idea to self protection and also the enemies body protection. If any tactic used while fighting to the enemy which may cause any risk to him then that person is supposed to inform it to the master & do essential treatments or he has to apply treatment himself if he is an expert in Kalari marma treatment.verum kaithari is the most important and genius one in kalaripayattu.

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