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    We have started a venture related to publishing tips videos of Kalaripayattu, Kalari Marma treatment and kalari yoga using an android app. This project is a joint venture of Gurukulam communication and Sri Gurukulam kalari. We are well set to publish at least 500+ tips videos in a very short period of time. Its purpose is awareness creation and to help those who are seriously thinking to update themselves about the invaluable treasure of wellness related knowledge of India. As per today's situation a lot of people are seriously searching for ways to build up a better immune system and experience a healthy life. We are working out our maximum to make the best video tips for such people.

     We are providing some videos completely free of cost in order to create awareness and to spread the message of wellness to our society. So please utilize this opportunity to update yourselves and share maximum to your friends who are interested in wellness. We need some sort of financial support to develop our services with a lot more features and to add more interesting videos. So we have designed our app in such a way that you can contribute whatever you like while subscribing to each video. There are no fixed fees or extra charges for these videos. Your valuable contributions will be helpful for us to keep our documentation works of tips videos a grand success for the welfare of ourselves and upcoming generations.

     Anybody in India can download and install this app for free using the download button provided below. Our website already has an SSL certificate and it is completely safe to install our app to your android mobile phone or tablet from our website. But as we haven't hosted it in Google Play Store, sometimes you may receive a warning from Google while you are installing the app. If it happens, you are supposed to go to privacy settings and make necessary arrangements to install and access our app. Please feel free to contact us using the chat box, if you have any sort of issues, suggestions or doubts related to the app.
Thanks a lot for spending your valuable time with us.


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