Pillauzhichil - Palm massage for child - Part 1 ( Duration : 00:24:30 )

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Pillauzhichil or Palm massage for child is used to provide in traditional Kalaris of Kerala, in the earlier stages of a person's physical growth. This massage therapy is used to provide for a person's early stages of childhoodness which is again sub divided into two stages named as kaumaram & balyam in Kerala and also in the earlier stages of adolscence & youthfulness. This treatment segment is a part of massage for physical wellness. It is very effective to remove the feel of fatigue,  obeysity & also to resolves stunded growth of organs including brain.

 According to the body structure of the person ,kalari masters also conveys the basics of a healthy natural life style included with  a proper diet which is very effective to prevent themselves even from the use of intoxicants & several unnessecary physical activities. It is to be noted that this treatment will be helpful to overcome even the after effects of toxins entered to a child from the preservatives, chemical farming, adulteration of food ingredients etc. It will be helpful for them in all stages of life to protect themselves from diseases &  even to over come various difficult situations of life  & to complete a healthy life span.

This very special treatment system is  found very less due to various factors like the reduced number of traditional Kalaris & kalari masters, unawareness of present generation about kalari & also due to the spread of several misleading information like kalaris are connected with several religious activities etc.

During ancient period irrespective of their gender, religion or caste most of the keralalites  used to be trained in kalari.  The reason behind this is  Kalaripayattu is incorporated with a lot of physical exercises & also Kalarimarma which had  a major role to develop a healthy life style & preserving them from illness. We have to realise these facts to develop a healthy generation using the invaluable knowledge of traditional kalaris.