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Tool therapy segment in Kalari marma therapy - chotichaan (Duration : 02:34:17)

Tool therapy segment in Kalari marma therapy - chotichaan (Duration : 02:34:17)

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Kalarimarma Treatment Tools - Chotichaan

This video is related to the various applications of a treatment tool named 'Chotichaan' among the 96 tools of Kalarimarma Treatment. Its various massage applications is helpful to dissolve unwanted fatty layers, various tumors visible on the skin, removing stagnations & thick blood deposits of arteries and blood vessels. This treatment has been applied to the patients only after completing at least 7 days course of palm massage therapy or leg massage therapy. The pressure level applied on an individual while applying chotichaan massage therapy depends on various factors like the body weight, height etc. The patients who are perfectly subjected to this treatment course will be completely recovered from the imperfections of body due to the shortage of blood flow through blood vessels & also from improper or irregularities of marma spots or even from several stages of paralysis. It also results in the enhancement in energy levels & physiological balance. 

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