Palm massage therapy segment in Kalari marma therapy - Hasthathirummu (Duration : 01:05:51)

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Hasthathirummu is a palm massage therapy segment for hands which is helpful
to improve the nerve strength and to cure exhaustion. It is also helpful to nullify
the differences in the structure of scapula related areas of both sides of body, to
make flexible joints and muscles in hands which results in fast movements and
to improve the movement capability and flexibility of elbow joint and joints of
fingers. It is utilised for removing the blocks in nerves related to hands and to
improve the flow of various fluids and also to remove shivering, numbness or
pain sensation. We can find a lot of solutions in kalari marma treatment for
various serious issues or diseases related to hands which is one of the important
pair of organ for daily activities of a person. It is also utilised to boost up the
activities of various chakras of body through the various applications to the
marma points of palms.