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Palm massage provided by two persons or Dheharaksha uzhichil (Duration : 02:33:19)

Palm massage provided by two persons or Dheharaksha uzhichil (Duration : 02:33:19)

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Dheharaksha uzhichil is the second main branch among the 24 main branches of kalari marma Treatment. It is perfectly combined with  different massage routes of the other branches of kalari marma like palm massage, leg massage & kettuzhichil or node massage therapy. This video consists of the several node massage segments using palm. This segment of kettuzhichil routes using palm is considered as the primary segment of massage therapy for physical wellness of Kalarimarma. The kettuzhichil treatment is done by two kalari marma treatment experts simultaneously for an individual. It is very effective to perfectly coordinate the working of nervous system along with joint positions & to regulates air passages related to it. The result is the perfect coordination of the whole body of a person. It is also efficient to prevent the chances to have cancer to joints & bones. The treatment duration, massage  routes & related measures will be finalized according to the mass & body weight of the person who undergoes it. The duration this massage therapy may vary from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days,14 days or 21 days. The person who are subjected to this treatment are supposed to take  rest  during treatment period. He has to continue the resting period along with taking medicines & prescribed diet for  same number of days that he is subjected to this massage therapy to attain maximum results. After that he can continue his normal routine.

Those who are subjected to this massage therapy once in a year or once in every 3 years will be benefited with improved immunity power, physical strength & life expectancy. Kalari Masters will also prescribe a healthy lifestyle for those who are interested in order to preserve themselves from malignant diseases & to overcome health issues due to climate changes. This treatment is preferred for persons of a very wide age category that is  from the age of 3 to 100+ & for both men & women.

Those who would like to learn this treatment segment are needed to possess a very serious & concentrated effort as like other branches of Kalarimarma.

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