Palm massage therapy segment in Kalari marma therapy - Kandathirummu (Duration : 01:05:30)

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Kandathirummu is a dedicated palm massage therapy segment for neck related
issues or diseases. It is helpful to completely cure, swellings, tumours,
weakness, feeling of heavyness and marma related issues related to neck.
Medicinal oil prepared from a wide variety of ingredients from more than 600
medicinal plants are used for the perfect execution of this therapy. It is helpful
to cure the tumours or swellings found even in the backside of neck related to
upper portion of spine. The perfect execution of this therapy is included with a
few courses of massage applications along with the intake of medicines
prescribed by therapy expert which is helpful to completely cure neck related
issues within a shorter time span than several other modern treatment
systems. It is also helpful to cure oodhiravadham and related diseases which is
mostly found in persons of higher age category and to improve the performance
of nerves related to face. The application of pressure levels while applying this
therapy used to be varied by therapist according to the body frame of a person
who are subjected to have this treatment to acquire more acurate results.