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Marma kettu uzhichil Therapy Part 3 (Duration : 05:23:39)

Marma kettu uzhichil Therapy Part 3 (Duration : 05:23:39)

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Marma kettu uzhichil chikitsa or Node Massage therapy for marma points is one of the most complicated segment of Kalarimarma which is used to be provided under the guidance of chief master of respective kalari. This therapy is provided for the patients who has injuries, weakness or any diseases related to marma points. Marma points are the vital points of the body which is related to the major working area of life. The basic human physiological system related to life is located inside the Marma points. The expert masters of kalari are gifted with a deep and immense knowledge and experience in the science of Kalarimarma treatment. These masters can easily diagnose even the slight variations related to the marma points. Those who have practiced these traditional knowledge treasure can save lives even from certain most complicated cases and also to help them to regain a healthy life within a few days. Marma therapy is also helpful to resolve the issues happened to our marma points and body even from defective treatments and to complete a healthy life span. It is due to the unscientific use of certain chemicals in the form of medicines, defective diet, exercises and life style together brings issues to the marma points which reduces the average mortality to the age of 60 which is actually the half of human life span. The people who are subjected to kalarimarma therapy for at least once in every 3 years along with proper medicines and pathya can be able to recover and rejuvenates themselves from the issues happened during that period. The purpose of this video is to preserve this precious knowledge from extinction. There are a lot of different massage routes and medications related to a single marma point.

Please note that this video is the continuation of Marma kettu uzhichil chikitsa  part 2.After completing the remaining portions of marma uzhichil, kalari master will touch using his fingers at 108 different marma points of human body as per kalarimarma anatomy and mention its names respectively.

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