Palm massage therapy segment in Kalari marma therapy - Peshikettuzhichil (Duration: 01:02:48)

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Peshikettuzhichil is a segment of palm massage therapy of Kalari Marma
Treatment. This therapy segment is utilised for achieving an attractive muscular
frame and to improve strength. The improved blood flow through the muscles
while conducting peshikettuzhichil will be helpful to experience the muscular
strength for longer time period and also reduces the difficulties while lifting
heavier objects. It is used to be provided in different methods depend upon the
age category of the person who are subjected to this therapy. The juices
extracted from the flowers of several medicinal plants for children, the juices
extracted from the fruits of several medicinal plants for teenagers, the juices
extracted from the leafs of several medical plants or oil extracted from seeds for
youngsters and the juices extracted from premature fruits for old aged people
respectively are applied on body and also provided to drink while providing
peshikettuzhichil therapy. As a result the muscle layers will be maintained with
more energetic, youthful and healthy. The purpose of this video is to preserve
this precious knowledge from extinction.